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Detail Services

Enthusiasts enjoy both driving and showing their cars, and thusly the appearance

of their car is paramount. If you're off to a car show soon or you simply

appreciate having a clean car, we offer various levels of services that get your

car in the best shape for its next outing, or to have it in showroom condition

for your collection. And if you're prepping the car for private sale, we can

provide in-house inventory photos as well for an additional fee.

Ultra Wash - $110
  • Full vehicle hand wash and dry, gaps blown with compressed air
  • ​Wheel wells, door jambs, trunk lining and gas cap reached
  • Spray wax for short-term shine
  • Tire dressing
  • Engine bay cleaned and degreased
  • Windows cleaned inside and out
  • Interior vacuumed and wiped down
Enthusiast Detail Package - $350
  • Essentials of Ultra Wash
  • Wax applied and removed by hand with microfiber 
  • Interior vacuumed extensively, crevices air-blown
  • Carpets brushed with foam cleaner, all-weather mats power washed
  • Seats, dashboard scrubbed and treated
  • Full exterior clay bar
  • 1 Step polish targeting fine scratches

*Please contact us for more extensive treatment or special needs*

A classic Porsche being detailed.
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