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Ceramic coating is a clear, liquid nanoceramic coating. After it's applied and cured, the coating bonds to the vehicle surface to become a long-lasting protective coating. The glass coating forms a durable shield, resistant

to solvents, acids, UV rays, bird droppings, sap and corrosion. This protective coating keeps substances from penetrating your paint and other surfaces, maintaining your vehicle's new look longer than an unprotected vehicle on which these materials can settle and cause permanent markings in the finish.

What is Ceramic Coating?


Why Ceramic Coat My Vehicle?

Good Investment - Protect the surfaces of your vehicle and avoid future expenses from repairs of unprotected paint. Over the long term, cars with repainted panels bring about lower dollar values, so maintain your investment while keeping the look of your vehicle a priority.


Ease of Maintaining Clean Vehicle - A slick surface finish will prevent dirt and debris from bonding to the surface. The exterior finish will be highly hydrophobic, with a water beading effect making cleaning of the vehicle require less labor and materials.


Long Lasting Finish - Waxes wear with normal washing and are stripped away with use of regular automotive cleaning products, but XPEL Fusion Plus is a long lasting coating that can only be removed by intentional abrasion, like wet sanding or buffing.


Quality of the Install - Our experienced detailers have hands-on training from the expert XPEL personnel and carry that expertise into your car. Each vehicle is fully detailed prior to the coating, ensuring that the preserved finish is the best possible look for the vehicle.

Ceramic Coat Pricing

Ceramic Platinum - $ 1,995

  • XPEL Fusion Plus package includes ceramic coating on all paint surfaces, wheels, and windows. 

  • Developed to be applied on top of XPEL Ultimate Plus Film.

  • 4 Year Warranty including yearly maintenance check. 

About XPEL Fusion Plus

Fusion Plus is a professionally applied ceramic coating specifically formulated for use on painted surfaces and XPEL paint protection film.

  • Protection from the elements

    • Protects against UV rays, oxidation, insect acids, corrosion and contaminants​

  • Self-Cleaning Hydrophobic Formula

    • The ultra slick high gloss surface repels water, dirt, and road grime​

  • Scratch Resistant Surface

    • Creates a durable layer over painted surfaces to help resist minor wash scratches and swirl marks​

  • Improved Stain Resistance

    • Prevents discoloration from oils, pollution and other environmental impurities​

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